Vernon Bibb Scholarship


There will be 2 $750 scholarships awarded, one to an east player and one to a west player (East is comprised of Regions 9-16 and West is comprised of Regions 1-8). One of the scholarships will go to a pitcher. Coaches that are members of the Ky. Softball Coaches Association can nominate Senior players from their teams. Those players nominated will need to send the following to Sheri Bibb, 11406 Nez Perce Way, Louisville, KY 40229:


1.       Individual Profile

2.       2 recommendations from a teacher, coach or counselor

3.       Proof of a 3.00 GPA

4.       Essay about how softball has influenced their life


Financial need will be determined by a counselor.


A letter will be sent to a coach and counselor from member schools of the KSCA.


Deadline for the nominations will be April 15.


The selection committee will be composed of the Kentucky Prep Softball Board, members of the Bibb family, and other coaches and friends of the Bibb family.


Any questions concerning the scholarship may be directed to Joey Bibb at 502-435-1400 or Craig Driskell at 502-468-9113