Kentucky East-West All Star Pictures

June 19-20, 1999

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Table of Contents

East Team

East Coaches

West Team

West Coaches

First Pitch

East/West Directors (Kaye Morris/Craig Driskell

Tiffany Withers (Russell Co.) Pitching

Directors preparing for the game

Monica Eicorn (Franklin Co.) Pitching

Kara Houston (Owensboro Catholic) Hitting

The Fans

Dana Smith (Reidland) Pitching

Amanda Mills (North Laurel) Hitting

George Randolph (Owensboro Catholic)

Kara Houston (Owensboro Catholic) at First Base

Amy Jo Lawless (Russsell Co.) on Second Base

Traci Spickard (Franklin Co.)

Tiffany Withers (Russell Co.) Pitching

Amanda Mills (North Laurel) and Hannah Hostetler (Lexington Catholic) on "D"

West Coaches plotting strategy

West Team on Defense

Ali McNulty (Lexington Catholic) Hitting

1998/99 President Jackie McCloud (Clark Co.) watches

Leigh Cansler (Christian Co.) watches

1999/2000 President Tony Burkeen (Reidland) watches

Tiffany Withers (Russell Co.) in Batter's box

Author: Bob Griggs


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