2012 East/West All-Star Series – Softball – June 15-17, 2012

At University of Louisville

Updated June 18, 2012

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Players were selected by KSCA Coaches that attended the East and West All Star Meeting.

The Kentucky Team (that will play against Tennessee) will be selected from the Seniors on the East and West Teams.  The Kentucky Team will be posted sometime today.  See the link on the home page or click the link here - KY – TN All Stars.

2012 Itinerary for East/West All Stars

All times for East/West Weekend are EST

Friday, June 15, 2012

o East Seniors –at University of Louisville – from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

o West Seniors - at University of Louisville – from 5:30 to 7:00 pm

o East Juniors - at Jeffersontown HS – from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

o West Juniors - at Jeffersontown HS – from 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Saturday, June 16, 2012 All games at University of Louisville

§    Megan Aull - 2007 Miss Softball

§    Brittani Collini Hoyer, 1996 Miss Softball

§    Ted Marlette, Coach

§    Butch Dotson, Honoree

§    Ken Clark, Umpire

§    Amy Eichhorn, Franklin County

§    Sarah Driver, Christian Co.

§    Leigh Ann Moore, Hopkins Central

§    Tabitha Embry, Daviess Co.

* Eichhorn and Embry were selected in 2011, but deferred until this year.


§  Coaches by Region

§  1st Region                David Scheer - Lone Oak

§  2nd Region               Jennifer Valeriote - Madisonville

§  3rd Region                George Randolph - Owensboro Catholic

§  4th Region                Penny Reece - Greenwood

§  5th Region                Jeff Walker - Green Co.

§  6th Region                Ricky Hoffman - Bullitt East

§  7th Region                Jennifer Hunt - Assumption

§  8th Region                Steve Leanhart - Oldham Co.

§  9th Region                Patti Oliverio - Ryle

§  10th Region              Christine Garnett - Harrison Co./Barry Bretez - Nicholas Co.

§  11th Region              Shane Weaver - Lafayette

§  12th Region              Brian Deem - Boyle Co.

§  13th Region              J.W. Campbell - Bell Co./Chris Hart - Corbin

§  14th Region              Shirley Beard - Estill Co.

§  15th Region              Matt Walls - Pikeville

§  16th Region              Geoff Stewart - Boyd Co.


§  Players by Region

§  1st Region                Alex Sohl - Lone Oak

§  2nd Region               Jordan McNary - Hopkins Central

§  3rd Region                Brooke Payne - Owensboro Catholic

§  4th Region                Kelsi Pardue - Allen Co.

§  5th Region                Kasey Estes - Green Co.

§  6th Region                Rachel Simms - Bullitt East

§  7th Region                Morgan Foley - Assumption/Allie Foster - CAL

§  8th Region                Ally Vaughn - Henry County

§  9th Region                McKell Oliverio - Ryle

§  10th Region              Ashley Coppage - Harrison Co.

§  11th Region              Michal Luckett - Scott Co./Brittany Sims - Lafayette

§  12th Region              Tabby Shewmaker- Mercer Co.

§  13th Region              Kristen Fields - North Laurel/Kristen Slusher - Bell Co

§  14th Region              Cassidy Flynn - Estill Co.

§  15th Region              Chloe Blair - Johnson Central

§  16th Region              Kelsee Hammonds - Ashland 

Sunday, June 17, 2012—All games at University of Louisville

  The rosters and coaching staffs are listed below.

Senior East Team Coaches

Dave Miller (Ashland), Chris Hould (Henry Clay),

Jason Hurt (Johnson Central), Steve Lyons (Mercer Co.)

Junior East Team Coaches

Patti Oliverio (Ryle), Roger Coppage (Harrison Co.),

Christine Garnett (Harrison Co.), Jerry Comley (Western Hills)

Senior West Team Coaches

Jeff Morgan (Simon Kenton), Dales Estes (Campbellsville), Chris Riggs (South Warren),

Mike Harreld (Meade Co.), Jennifer Hunt (Assumption)

Junior West Team Coaches

John Embry (Butler Co.), Allison Scherer (Lone Oak),

Susan Cates (Henry Co.)

Players were selected by KSCA Coaches at the East and West Selection Meetings.

The Kentucky Team (that will play against Tennessee) will be selected from the Seniors on the East and West Teams

East Seniors Regions (9-16)


(players that have confirmed as of June 2)

West Seniors (Regions 1-8)


(players that have confirmed as of June 2)

Tabby Shewmaker, Mercer Co.

Haley Wagner, Bourbon Co.

Sarah Mathis, Henry Clay

Bethany Hensley, Corbin

Emily Preece, Ashland

Jill Maronde, Lexington Catholic

Chelsea Honchell, Estill Co.

Kelsee Hammonds, Ashland

Logan Cline, Johnson Central

Ashley Lindsay, Whitley Co.

Kaitlyn Brown, Boyd Co.

Destiney Taul, Montgomery Co.

Kristen Slusher, Bell Co.

Cassidy Flynn, Estill Co.

Rachel Yeary, Bell Co.

Kayla Stambaugh, Jenkins

Kristen Fields, North Laurel

Brittany Sims, Lafayette

Courtney Morgan, Simon Kenton

Morgan Foley, Assumption

Destiney Wilson, Campbellsville

Taylor Proctor, South Warren

Ashley Flener, Hopkins Central

Ashley Funk, Meade Co.

Maddie Phillips, Male

Allyson Vaughn, Henry Co.

Alex Sohl, Lone Oak

Heather Hayden, Reidland

Kelci Flener, Fern Creek

Brooke Payne, Owensboro Catholic

Kelsi Pardue, Allen Co.

Sandy Young, Allen Co.

Morgan Hart, PRP

Erica Howard, Reidland

Kasey Estes, Green County

Hannah Milby, Taylor County



East Juniors (Regions 9-16)


(players that have confirmed as of June 2)

West Juniors (Regions 1-8)


(players that have confirmed as of June 2)

Megan Baldwin, North Laurel

Kasey Young, Danville

Chloe Blair, Johnson Central

Sidney Harrell, North Laurel

Michal Luckett, Scott Co.

Emily Stewart, Boyd Co.

Tabitha Potter, East Ridge

Macy Johnson, Franklin Co.

McKell Oliverio, Ryle

McKenna Brown, Western Hills

Ashley Coppage, Harrison Co.

Jamie Vescio, Lafayette

Riley Stokes, Henry Clay

Jadon Dople, Whitley Co.

Haley Goodman, Bell Co.

Kelsey Crowe, Scott Co.

Aileah Bartley, Pikeville

Kaitlyn Elias, Dunbar

Cristen Hagood, Heath

Ally Miozza, Male

Kathryn Downing, Bowling Green

Chaney Long, Heath

Courtney Walker, Livingston Central

Emily Gravette, Greenwood

Rachel Marr, Green Co.

Sarah Keuter, Lone Oak

Brittany Vaughn, Bowling Green

Madeline Drake, Butler Co.

Maggie Glass, Christian Co.

Katelyn Heines, Holy Cross

Angela Adkins, Greenwood

Jordan McNary, Hopkins Central

Breanna Ray, Marshall Co.

Hayley Frey, Owensboro Catholic

Jesscia Carmon, Owensboro Catholic

Brittany Rippy, Allen Co.

Hope Davidson, Reidland


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