Kentucky Prep Softball East / West All Star Weekend 2002

Games were played on June 15 & 16, 2002 at the University of Kentucky

This year the Seniors split with the West winning the first game and the East winning the second game. The Senior Series Record is now 8-3 in favor of the West.

In the first year for the Junior Games, the juniors split (East won the first game), so the record stands at 1-1.

This year's games included:

2 Senior East/West Games, June 15 at 11:00 am and June 16 at 3:00 pm

2 Junior East/West Games, June 15 at 2:00 pm and June 16 at 1:00 pm

Team members were selected by a panel of KSCA coaches under the direction of Jim McAlister (Ky Prep Softball). The rosters and coaching staffs are listed below.

Senior East Team

Head Coach: Jackie McCloud (Clark Co.)

Assistant Coaches: Jimmy Durham (North Laurel), Bob Griggs (Lexington Catholic)

Junior East Team

Head Coach: Mike Wainscott (Dunbar)

Assistant Coaches: Tracy Spickard (Franklin Co.), Larry Smith (South Laurel)

Senior West Team

Head Coach: Al Giordano (Caldwell County)

Assistant Coaches: Mike Harreld (Meade County), Dave Frankrone (Holy Cross)

Junior West Team

Head Coach: Penny Reece (Greenwood)

Assistant Coaches: Bill Wine (Presentation), Tony Burkeen (Reidland)

Ky Prep All Star Director: Jim McAlister (Kentucky Prep Softball; London, KY)

Senior East Team (Regions 9-16)

Boone Co., Machelle VanCleve, C

Bryan Station, Emily Fishter, P

Dunbar, Melanie Downey, CF

Dunbar, Erin Bradford, 1B

Franklin Co., Jessica Turner, 2B

Hazard, Debbie Roll, IF/C

Lafayette, Erin Douglas, OF

Lexington Catholic, Anna Frate, 1B     

Lexington Catholic, Amy Meikel, P

Madison Central, Leah Shearer, CF

Madison Central, Leigh Oakley, P

Madison Central, Julie Lasslo, SS

North Laurel, Becky Abner, P

Western Hills, Megan Woolridge, 1B/P

Western Hills, Christi Slayback, 3B

Casey Co., Kellie Eads, C/2B/P

Clark Co., Cole Adams (not playing)

Senior West Team (Regions 1-8)

Christian Co., Katrice Buckner, RF     

Christian Co., Sarina Brown, 3B          

Caldwell Co., Becca Morris, C

Reidland. Brooke Doss, SS     

Grayson Co., Shannon Stapleton, SS   

Meade Co., Erica Redmon, OF

Meade Co, Veronica Livers, C/RF      

Allen Co., Hannah Roberts, P  

Greenwood, Lindsay Klineline, C         

Hopkinsville, Renikka Tolliver, CF       

Marshall Co., Melissa Shelton, 2B       

Allen Co., Emily Foster, C       

Trimble Co., Lindsey McGuire, SS      

Warren East, Kellye Rone, 2B 

Warren East, Belinda Lady, 3B

Warren East, Jennifer Balance, C/3B   

Warren Central , Jenny Wilson, P/If      

Butler, Amanda Martin, P        

Reidland, Leslie Garrett, P       

Reidland, Tessia Hendrix, 3B/C

Junior East Team (Regions 9-16)

Boone Co., Amber Janneck, SS          

Boone Co, Megan Reed, OF   

Clark Co., Patricia Back, C     

Clark Co., Casey Back, P       

Dixie Heights, Lydsey Mayberry, P      

Dunbar, Brooke Marnitz, SS   

Dunbar, Becky Naper, C         

Dunbar, Holly Barnes, 3B/P     

Franklin Co., Amy Eichhorn, P

Franklin Co., Stephanie Vincent, SS

Whitesburg, Gina Fields, P       

Lafayette, Michelle Baker, C   

Lex. Catholic, Jaclyn Armitstead, OF   

Montgomery Co., Amanda Stull, 2B    

N. Laurel, Ashley Sizemore,     2B/3B 

N. Laurel, Lauren Wilson, C/SS          

Pikeville, Lyndel Potter, C       

S. Laurel, Cailen Wattenberger, P/1B  

Madison Central, Jessica Johnson, C

Junior West Team (Regions 1-8)

Henderson Co., Nikki Nichols, P         

Presentation, Becky Lewis, C  

Greenwood, Kathy Church, P  

Greenwood, Shannon Murl, CF           

Greenwood, Andrea Fitzpatrick, 3B    

Christian Co., Jessica Perrin, P/2B       

Madisonville, Kim Radford, C/OF       

Reidland, Deanna Baker, P      

Christian Co., Diane Davis                   

Warren East, Jennifer Capshaw, P       

Reidland, Megan Wethington, C          

Manual, Alana Towns, SS

Scott County, Rachel Reliford

Hopkinsville, Kelly Vooris

Hopkinsville, Brittany Ashby

Reidland, Megan Wethington

Christian County, Dana Davis

2002 Iternerary for All Stars

Friday, June 14, 2002

--Check-in at Hyatt Regency Lexington-----maps to fields

--Practice will be 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for each team

West Juniors at Lexington Christian

West Seniors at Lafayette

East Juniors at Dunbar

East Seniors at Lexington Catholic

--Team meeting and pizza party for all 4 teams 8:30-10:30 (at the Hyatt).

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Admission is $10 for both games or $5 for just the second game. A $15 pass will cover all 4 games for the weekend

-- Seniors' Game* is at scheduled for 11:00 am at UK

-- Juniors' Game* is at scheduled for 2:00 pm at UK

--Banquet at 8:00 pm at the Hyatt--$20 each for parents and fans (contact if you would like to attend)

The following will be honored at the banquet

1st & 2nd Team All State along with honorable mention all state.

Media and Director's Awards

2002 Hall of Fame members will be inducted. These 5 listed will be inducted on June 15 at the All Star banquet:

Jennfier Wren (Reidland), Player

Tracy Spickard (Franklin Co.), Coach

Jackie Elston (Manual), Player

Kelly Johnson (Warren Central), Player

Bill Wine (Presentation), Coach

Sunday, June 16, 2001

 Admission is $10 for both games or $5 for the just the second game.

--Juniors' Game* is scheduled for 1:00 pm at UK

-- Seniors' Game* is scheduled for 3:00 pm at UK

*All games are 9 inning games


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