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Updated on June 23, 2017

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The Kentucky Softball Coaches Association was created in the early 1990’s by a few softball coaches in the state to further promote the accomplishments of players and teams in the state. What started with a few has grown to over 300 members annually.


The membership deadline each season is March 1.

Benefits of Membership in KSCA

Some of the Functions of the Association include:

Current Officers (2016/2017 School Year)

Executive Directors

Bob Griggs (coachgriggs123@yahoo.com)

Tracy Spickard (tspickard@franklin.kyschools.us)

Advisory Board - Dave Frankrone (Holy Cross), George Randolph (Owensboro Catholic), Mike Harreld (Meade Co – retired)

Each year a new 2nd Vice President will be elected. The former V.P. will move up to President, and the former 2nd V.P. will move up to V.P.

Duties of the Officers

Executive Director

Will oversee all operations of the KSCA 

Advisory Board (appointed by the Executive Director)

Will assist the directors in making decisions for the KSCA.

President (elected)

The President will preside over the annual KSCA Meeting. He/she shall follow the written agenda including the old as well as the new business. He shall oversee the selection process of the new 2nd Vice-President.

The President has the responsibility to oversee distribution on the All State Ballots. The President then reviews all returned ballots, tabulates the results, and prepares the final results for the KSCA Official Allstate teams by class 1A, 2A, and 3A ( 1st team, 2nd team, as well as Honorable Mention Allstate, and Coaching Staff Of The Year ). The President will then release the the lists to the KSCA webmaster and the media throughout the state of Kentucky (following the completion of the State Tournament).

The President is also responsible for the purchasing of the 1st and 2nd Team All-State plaques, the award certificates for the Honorable Mention Team and the Coaching Staff Of The Year plaques. He is to mail or personally deliver all awards to each respective award winner (awards are available for players to receive at the KY Prep Softball East/West Games in June).

In the event that the President cannot perform any of his/her duties, the 1st Vice-President shall assume those duties.

1st Vice President (elected)

The 1st Vice-President has the responsibility of organizing the annual KSCA Meeting. He/she will secure a location, schedule speakers and vendors, provide media notice, notice to all membership coaches via the KSCA website, prepare the meeting agenda, produce copies of clinic speakers notes for the members in attendance, and serve the President in any way needed at the time of the annual meeting. The date and location is to be secured by no later than September 15 of the current school year. This information is to be forwarded to the webmaster for the KSCA by September 15.

In the event that the 1st Vice President cannot perform any of his/her duties, the 2nd Vice-President shall assume those duties.

2nd Vice President (elected)

The 2nd Vice-President's responsibility is to tabulate the results of the Academic All State Team using a word processing table or spreadsheet. This will be an honor for all Junior and Senior fastpitch players from teams that are members of the KSCA that have played in approximately half of the varsity games. A junior's grade will be determined by her weighted grades (on a 4.0 scale) through the fall semester of the junior year. A senior's grade will be determined by her weighted grades (on a 4.0 scale) through the fall semester of the senior year.

Treasurer (appointed)

Keeps track of all the income and expenses. Makes deposits and pays the bills.

Webmaster (appointed)

Oversees the website and does the regular updates.

Membership (appointed)

Sends the membership forms to the regional representatives to be sent to all schools in each region. Compiles the member directory and ensures that it is sent to all members.

Regional Representatives (appointed)

Responsible for getting information to all schools in their region, and assisting in promoting membership within the region.  Responsible for collecting All State nominations within his/her respective regions (under the direction of Bob Griggs)

** Jim McAlister (Kentucky Prep Softball Director)

Bob Griggs (KSCA Director and Webmaster)

Current KSCA Members


Kentucky Prep Softball Hall of Fame - Click Here